RoXplorer® Rig

Posted on May 29, 2018 by DET CRC

RoXplorer® coiled tubing drill rig.

Design, fabrication and deployment of the RoXplorer® coiled tubing drilling system for mineral exploration.

  • The RoXplorer® is a revolutionary drill rig for mineral exploration that utilises a continuous, malleable steel coil, removing the need to add individual drill rods as a drill hole deepens, thereby making drilling faster, cheaper and safer, estimated to be 1/6th cost of diamond drilling and 1/3rd cost of reverse circulation drilling.
  • RoXplorer®’s drill bit is driven by a motor within the drill string near the base of the hole as opposed to conventional rotation of the entire drill string by the drill rig at the surface.
  • Small lightweight rig, small drill pad, fluid recycling (no sumps), and lower consumables (e.g. fuel) all render coiled tubing more environmentally friendly than conventional drilling methods.