EM and Seismic Geophysics

Posted on May 30, 2018 by DET CRC

Seismic survey at the Hillside copper-gold deposit in South Australia.

Key developments in electromagnetic and seismic geophysical methods to complement improvements in drilling and sampling.

  • Joint inversion of co-located electromagnetic and seismic data improved the resolution of subsurface geophysical modelling leading to more confident geological interpretation and drill hole targeting, including in specific case studies such as the Kevitsa mine (Finland).
  • Successful field acquisition of cost-effective seismic data in mineral exploration, notably at the Hillside copper-gold deposit in South Australia, and imaging of steeply dipping structures, notably by pre-stack diffraction imaging.
  • Vertical seismic profile successfully acquired using optic fibre distributed acoustic sensors. Data collected ~5 times faster than conventional methods and of higher quality.
  • Database of seismic surveys in mineral exploration.