November 2015

The Top 10: Q3 2015

DET CRC Technologies Roll Out On the Mineral Systems Drilling Program

November 17, 2015

Drill core from MSDP01. The Mineral Systems Drilling Program (MSDP) commenced drilling on 31st July 2015.  It is a collaboration between DET CRC, the Geological Survey of South Australia, Kingston Resources and Minotaur Exploration with cash and in-kind funding in […]

Successful Generation 2 Wireless Sub Field Deployment at Mineral Systems Drilling Program

November 17, 2015

Generation 2 Wireless Sub in position in the MSDP. Our generation 2 Wireless Sub was completed in October 2015 and, after initial testing at the Brukunga DRTF, was deployed in the Mineral Systems Drilling Program (MSDP) on 14th October, replacing […]

Fluid Cleaning Experiments Close the Loop on CT Percussion Drilling

November 17, 2015

Cleaned drilling fluid taken from the closed loop drilling experiment at the Brukunga DRTF. We have successfully drilled a 165 m hole over a 12 hour period at the Brukunga DRTF utilising recycled drilling fluid to power the Wassara W50 […]

Optimum Fluid Circulation Conditions Keep Particles on Track

November 17, 2015

Placing samples in the borehole for particle tracking experiments. We have performed a comprehensive set of within-hole particle tracking experiments at the Brukunga DRTF to determine the travel time of drill cuttings from the bit-rock interface to the drill collar.  […]

Thirteen Months 100% Utilisation at the Brukunga DRTF

November 17, 2015

Driller training students at the Brukunga DRTF. The Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility (DRTF) was 100% booked out from July 2014 to July 2015 inclusive.  For thirteen consecutive months, every week was booked by researchers and Affiliates conducting experiments […]

Cluster Analysis for Rock Characterization from Drill Hole Data

November 17, 2015

Downhole plots of raw data and cluster analyses (left) compared to drill core (right) from DET Brukunga 01. We have applied cluster analysis to characterise and identify rock types using datasets from DET Brukunga 01 of the type that will […]

The AutoShuttle Clocks Up More Than 50 Hours of Logging While Drilling

November 17, 2015

AutoShuttle on site for testing. The AutoShuttle has collected 100 m of high resolution, high quality natural gamma data over 50 hours of faultless operation in logging-while-drilling trials.  The AutoShuttle sits behind the core barrel, records data whilst drilling and […]

Larger Detectors Means More Gamma

November 17, 2015

Old scintillator crystals (front) and new, larger crystals (back). Testing of high quality heavy element oxide scintillator crystals, at larger crystal sizes than in previous tests, demonstrates that high resolution spectral gamma measurements will be achievable from the AutoShuttle logging-while-drilling […]

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Calibrations Are On the Money

November 17, 2015

Calibrated Li concentrations from LIBS (vertical axis) vs. expected results (horizontal axis). Our work on sample preparation and calibration of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) on rock powders indicates that it is an excellent candidate as a future sensor on […]

The Real-Time Drill Site (RTDS) a Step Closer To Reality

November 17, 2015

Design mock-up of RTDS Wireless Sub ‘dashboard’ module within REFLEXHUB-IQ. We have moved a step closer to our goal of real-time data delivery from the drill site to any device, anywhere.  The Real-Time Drill Site (RTDS) project is a collaboration […]



DET CRC’s Lab-at-Rig® to be Commercialised by REFLEX

November 17, 2015

Lab-at-Rig® protoype deployed on Mineral Systems Drilling Program. We achieved another major commercialisation outcome in September 2015, executing […]


Mineral Systems Drilling Program (MSDP) Update

November 17, 2015

On site at the MSDP 2015. Significant progress has been made on the MSDP since the last eNews […]


Bayden Gray Joins the DET CRC Team

November 17, 2015

Bayden Gray, Boart Longyear. We would like to welcome Bayden Gray who replaces Chris Nowacki as our driller […]


2014-2015 Annual Report Submitted to the Department of Industry

November 17, 2015

2014-2015 Annual Report available via the Publications Page of our website. We submitted our 2014-2015 Annual Report to […]



November 17, 2015

DET CRC AGM: CEO’S Report The DET CRC Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 13 November 2015. […]


New Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science

November 17, 2015

The Hon Christopher Pyne, MP, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science. The recent cabinet reshuffle under new Prime […]

TAG 01

Feature in TAG Magazine

November 18, 2015

TAG Magazine. The September issue of TAG Magazine (Geological Society of Australia) featured an article on a sustainable […]


Centric Report Summary

November 17, 2015

Centric Project Management System. A summary of reports loaded onto Centric in Quarter 3 2015 is available via […]


Know Your Researcher: Robert Brewis, DET CRC, Project 1.1

November 17, 2015

Robert Brewis, DET CRC, Project 1.1 Robert was born and raised in England.  Upon leaving school, he completed […]


Updated DET CRC Highlights Slides Available For Company Presentations

November 17, 2015

We posed the question in the last issue of EXPLORE as to whether the highlights slides illustrating each […]