February 2017

The Top 10: February 2017

First RoXplorer® Trials

February 15, 2017

RoXplorer® with 300 meters of coiled tubing in the ground. RoXplorer® was transported back to our Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility for trials after its unveiling at the annual DET CRC conference.  Entering an existing hole starting at 250 […]

RoXplorer® Trials Successfully Recycle Drilling Fluid

February 15, 2017

Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility during RoXplorer® trials. Closed loop percussive drilling trials have been successfully completed with RoXplorer®. The project team drilled to a depth of 300 metres using the Wassara W50 percussive hammer and highly clarified recycled […]

First Hammer Drilling with CTRol Fluid

February 15, 2017

(Left to right) Researchers Masood Mostofi (Curtin University), Frank Samani (Curtin University) and Soren Soe (DET CRC). Researchers conducted a drilling trial at our Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility in order to evaluate the performance of the our drilling […]

Software Completed for Drilling Optimisation Utilising the Wireless Sub

February 15, 2017

Screenshot of software for analysis of Wireless Sub data. Software designed to aid real-time decision making by drillers is complete.  This software supports the current drilling optimisation approaches used by drillers and also provides next level approaches that give increased […]

Sensing for CT Rig I: Gyros Received

February 15, 2017

Accelerometer for GeoSub tilt sensor. The development of sensors for the CT rig (the GeoSub) is gaining momentum in parallel to the drilling trials of RoXplorer®.  Tilt sensors (including gyros and accelerometers) have been purchased and initial algorithms have been […]

Sensing for CT Rig II: Scintillometers Received

February 15, 2017

Left: Plastic scintillator and SiPM used for gamma-ray detection.  Right: Scintillation light-pulse on oscilloscope. RoXplorer® presents the possibility of true, real-time logging-while-drilling and the first petrophysical data stream being developed for RoXplorer® is the GeoSub’s total counts gamma sensor (GeoSub […]

3D Velocity Cube for Kevitsa

February 15, 2017

elocity estimation by fuzzy clusters and the creation of a new velocity cube at Kevitsa. Kevitsa is a polymetallic mine in Finland operated by Boliden.  There are several hundred drill holes in the area and most of these have a […]

Marked Improvement in Reconnaissance Gold Analyses Using GeoLIBS®

February 15, 2017

Comparison of ten gold-bearing certified reference materials analysed by LIBS and calibrated by the newly developed machine learning algorithm (red circles) and the older Spectrolaser univariate approach (blue circles). The most recent version of the GeoLIBS® software developed by the […]

Reproducible Cuttings Samples from Coiled Tubing (CT) Drilling

February 15, 2017

Ben van der Hoek collects CT drill cuttings during drilling trials at the Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility. We have undertaken a series of experiments to identify the most appropriate approach for sampling cuttings produced by CT hammer drilling. […]

Multiple Technologies Offered for Commercialisation

February 15, 2017

DET CRC ouputs offered for commercialisation in Q4 2016. In a demonstration of DET CRC’s focus on commercialisation of research outcomes, six products were offered for commercialisation in the last quarter of 2016: seismic pre-stack diffraction algorithms, drilling optimisation software, […]



RoXplorer® Features in Mining Monthly

February 15, 2017

RoXplorer® feature in Mining Monthly. The RoXplorer® Coiled Tubing Drill Rig was featured very positively in the December […]


RoXplorer® Videos Publicly Released

February 15, 2017

At last year’s Annual Conference we showed two RoXplorer® videos internally to the DET CRC consortium.  With provisional […]


Anglo American Visit

February 15, 2017

Ben van der Hoek (back towards picture) discusses his 3D printed splitter (bottom right of picture) for sampling […]


David Giles Moves to Uni SA

February 15, 2017

David Giles, Strand Leader of Minerals and Resources Engineering, University of South Australia and Program 3 Leader, DET […]


PhD Completions Clock

February 15, 2017

PhD Postgraduate Completions Clock at 31 January 2017. The Education and Training Committee have devised a completions clock […]



February 15, 2017

DET CRC @ PDAC Seminar. We will hold another PDAC briefing targeted to our North American-based sponsors on […]


Webinar Updates, SSC Meeting & Affiliates Meeting

February 15, 2017

Program 1 team on site at the Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility. Sponsors and Researchers are invited […]


Save the Date: ‘Uncovering the Future VII’

February 15, 2017

DET CRC Annual Conference: Uncovering the Future VII. Our seventh and final Annual Conference: ‘Uncovering the Future VII’ […]


2017 Events Calendar

February 15, 2017

Our 2017 meeting schedule is available to download via the Events page of our website.    


MinEx CRC Bid

February 15, 2017

MinEx CRC Prospectus. The MinEx CRC bid was launched on 30 January 2017.  MinEx CRC will break new […]


Centric Report Summary

February 15, 2017

Centric project management system. A summary of reports loaded onto Centric in Quarter 3 2016 is available via […]


Know Your Researcher: Monica Legras, CSIRO, Project 3.2

February 15, 2017

Monica Legras, CSIRO, Project 3.2. Monica grew up in Jabiru in the Northern Territory. She obtained a BSc […]