Regional Mineral System Drilling for Targeting and Testing

“The implementation of the DET CRC deep prospecting strategy through a drill program and the successful integration of datasets collected from these drill materials will provide the exploration industry with confidence in new ideas and technology coming out of the DET CRC.” Adrian Fabris, DSD


To test the DET CRC deep prospecting strategy by implementing a regional mineral system drilling program and thus demonstrate DET CRC technologies within a real-life and real-time exploration setting.

Background and Aims

Regional Mineral System Drilling for Targeting and Testing builds on the previous DET CRC Project 3.4, as well as integrating key outcomes from other projects by utilising available technologies and methodologies for real-life and real-time deep exploration drilling. The project provides a unique opportunity to test technologies within a premier mineral terrane, known to host globally significant deposits, much of which is under-explored due to challenges of exploring through deep cover. The project will provide approaches to geological characterisation and vectoring that are fundamental to the application of technologies being developed within the DET CRC. The purpose of targeted data collection and the integration of multiple datasets within this project are to demonstrate the advantages to exploration workflows and lead to more efficient and effective exploration, thereby reducing costs to industry.

This Project aims to determine the appropriate drill spacing and sampling methods required to identify mineralising systems under cover at a scale 10 times larger than the target deposit.