Program 3: Targeting

Program Leader: David Giles, University of Adelaide

The Objective

Ensure that drill holes are placed to maximise their success and the knowledge they produce by developing new seismic and geochemical methods for exploration and integrating such into new exploration workflows in drilling, logging and sensing.

The Rationale

Targeting of mineral deposits can be greatly improved if we recognise that the deposits are part of large complex “mineral systems” that have geochemical and geophysical footprints far more voluminous than the deposits themselves. By applying techniques that can map aspects of the mineral system at depth we can optimise our drill targeting, maximise the collection of relevant data and increase our chance of discovery with every drill hole.   Project 3.1 is developing surface and borehole seismic methods designed to map cover/basement relationships and recognise structures, altered volumes of rock and some ores within complex geological settings.   Project 3.2 is developing a Lab-at-Rig® analytical platform that will produce exploration relevant geochemical and mineralogical data in real-time at the drill site.  Project 3.4 will test the application of DET CRC sampling and analytical technologies in a real world exploration scenario within the world class mineral system of the eastern Gawler Craton.


  • Development of cost-effective seismic techniques for imaging mineral deposits in hard rock terranes.
  • Volumetric imaging around boreholes from vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) leading to an effective increase in borehole sampling radius.
    Developing ‘Lab-at-Rig®’ techniques for real-time geochemical and mineralogical logging of drill holes and the recognition of mineral systems, alteration halos and mineral deposits.
  • Developing and implementing workflows for the incorporation of DET CRC technologies in real world exploration environment.
  • Integrating DET CRC technologies in order to map mineral systems, from province to prospect scale, and thus maximise the chance of discovery.













3D Seismic Exploration for Hard Rock Environments
Project Leader:
Andre Bona, Curtin University.


Project Leader: James Cleverley, CSIRO.


Regional Mineral System Drilling for Targeting and Testing
Project Leader: Adrian Fabris, DMITRE.