Program 2: Logging and Sensing

Program Leader: Brett Harris, Curtin University

The Objective

To create real time logging and sensing technologies that are, integrated within the process of targeting and drilling, for exploration and development of mineral resources.  .

The Rationale

Key developments in drilling technology can only be deployed with complementary developments in logging and sensing technology. Core is generally required to support a reserves statement to the ASX. However, cores limit the type of drilling technologies that can be used and also reduce productivity because of time lost in transporting them from remote drill sites to laboratories. Real time logging while drilling (LWD) technologies can reduce reliance on core (Project 2.2). Such technologies can provide almost immediate information about subsurface geology at minimal additional cost or risk. Multi-parameter LWD information can also be directly provided as constraints to cooperative inversion (project 2.4) to provide updated 3D images of surface geology and thereby facilitate immediate follow-up drilling with consequent productivity gains (Project 2.3).

  • OpportunitiesReduce reliance on core by developing downhole LWD tools that will provide petrophysical and image data of drill holes.
    Test a portfolio of wireline, core barrel and drill string logging and sensing tools.
  • Develop cooperative inversion technology that will take advantage of new extensive LWD petrophysical data sets to build and or rapidly update 3D geological models of the subsurface.
  • Brownfield deployment of geophysical tools (seismic and EM/ MT) to image deeper extensions to known mineral deposits and enable better life-of-mine planning.
  • Replace hole orientation surveys with seismic-while-drillingbased location of the bit.
  • Utilise seismic-while-drilling and borehole radar to image rock volumes around the bit while drilling.






Sensors for Rapid Down-Hole Rock Characterisation
Project Leader: Anton Kepic, Curtin University





Data Integration
Project Leader: TBC






Joint Inversion of 3D Seismic and MT Data
Project Leader: Brett Harris, Curtin University