Brukunga Drilling Research & Training Facility

“The Drilling Research & Training Facility gives an unprecedented opportunity to conduct research and training in real world environment without the plethora of issues normally involved in getting on an operational drill site.” Darren Caldwell, Boart Longyear.


To continue to provide an accessible facility for field testing of new drilling and logging technologies and for Vocational Education & Training (VET) for the drilling industry.

Background & Aims

The Drilling Research & Training Facility (DRTF) has been established at the disused Brukunga Mine site in the Adelaide Hills. The DRTF provides excellent field laboratory for the R&D on drilling and logging techniques being developed by DET CRC.

It is critical that such testing be available as it is extremely problematic to undertake such, in operating mines due to the expense of interruptions to mining operations, and the safety and logistical issues that arise.

The Brukunga Mine site is the ideal location for the DRTF.

  • Sulphides in the host rocks at Brukunga make it suitable for R&D on drillhole logging equipment designed to detect sulphide ores.
  • Brukunga is located conveniently to metropolitan Adelaide for access by researchers (44 km from CBD).
  • The adjacent CFS training facility offers meeting rooms, full communications, accommodation and meals.
  • Convenient location for Boart Longyear which has its regional HQ is in Adelaide, who supply both equipment and personnel.