Wireless Sub Licenced by Boart Longyear

Posted on November 18, 2016 by DET CRC

Wireless Sub.

We achieved another major commercialisation outcome in October, executing an exclusive licence agreement with Boart Longyear for our technology for monitoring and optimising diamond drilling, the Wireless Sub.  Developed by participants, CSIRO, Globaltech, Epslog and Boart Longyear, the Wireless Sub couples the drill rig to the drill rods in the hole and provides real-time measurement of additional, and more accurate, drilling parameters than provided by traditional drill rig gauges.  Simply using the data logging feature of the Wireless Sub will enable all drillers to replicate the highest performing parameters in any given drilling program.  Real-time data from remote drilling sites can be reviewed worldwide by exploration teams.  Combined with drilling optimisation software, these data will enable drillers of any level of experience to rapidly determine the most effective drilling parameters.  A video on the Wireless Sub can be accessed via the MSDP video series on DET CRC TV.