RoXplorer® Nevada Trials

Posted on May 30, 2018 by DET CRC

RoXplorer® en route to the USA for upcoming field trials.

In January we presented the RoXplorer® CT Drilling System to senior Barrick staff at their ‘Drilling Technology Workshop’.  The outcome of the workshop and the discussions that followed was that Barrick (in partnership with Imdex) will conduct an extensive field trial at an exploration site in Nevada.  Detailed planning for this trial commenced in February and is being managed by Robbie Rowe.  The RoXplorer® CT Rig is currently en route to the USA and drilling is likely to start early July.  All aspects of the system are expected to be developed and further validated during the trial including the development of a fit-for-purpose SRU that will significantly reduce the overall footprint and complexity of the system.  The trials will also help to further develop Lab-at-Rig® and the integration of CT Drilling and Lab-at-Rig®.