What is DET CRC?


The Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC) was established in 2010 under the Australian Government’s CRC program. The CRC program provides funding to build critical mass in research ventures between end users and researchers to deliver significant economic, environmental and social benefits across Australia. There are approximately 30 CRCs across Australia and all have been established to address major challenges that require medium to long-term collaborative efforts.

The DET CRC arose from AMIRA International’s Drilling Technology Roadmap. The DET CRC will deliver research programs in more successful, cheaper and safer ways to drill, analyse and target deep mineral deposits. With $AUS155M of cash and in-kind funding from the Commonwealth Government of Australia and its Participants, the DET CRC is the world’s best-supported independent research initiative in mineral exploration.

The DET CRC is managing an eight year program funded by $28M cash from the CRC Programme, $34M additional cash from industry and other end-users and $93M in-kind from its research providers, industry and other end-users.