Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose. Uncovering the future. To develop transformational technologies for successful mineral exploration through deep, barren cover rocks to be utilised and commercialised by the mineral exploration industry in order to replace the world’s declining mineral resource inventories and thereby enable continuing improvement in global standards-of-living.


The DET CRC will become the world’s leading independent centre for research into and development of new technologies for mineral exploration by bringing together people and organisations, who could not individually achieve our core purpose.  Cooperation will be multi-disciplinary (including engineering, geosciences, physics and chemistry), multi-institutional (including universities, government agencies, major mining companies, junior explorers and mineral exploration service companies) and along the research, development, demonstration, deployment and diffusion value chain.

The DET CRC aspires to a future where automated drill rigs using lighter drill strings and novel bit drill cheaply and safely to great depth.

Where real-time downhole logging of the chemistry and mineralogy of drill-holes permits orebody delineation drilling immediately following successful exploration drilling, without lab-based assay or rig remobilisation.

Where holes are steered, logged and analysed remotely, using downhole motors, coiled tubing multilaterals. Where orebody delineation drilling is routinely combined with in-hole seismic and electromagnetic techniques in order to better inform like-of-mine planning.

Where drilling is guided by next generation seismic and magentotelluric techniques (e.g. joint inversion) and by new technologies providing vectors to mineralisation from the geochemistry of both basement and cover rocks (especially in condensed, near-unconformity sequences).