The Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre Ltd (DET CRC) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with Participants in the DET CRC as company members. It operates under the following legal agreements:

  • Commonwealth Agreement between DET CRC and the Commonwealth Government;
  • Participants Agreement between DET CRC and the Participants; and
  • DET CRC’s Company Constitution.

Under the Participants Agreement and Constitution, Participants have key rights and controls over the Company. Within the limits of those rights and controls, the company is governed by an independent, skills-based board comprised of:

  • Tom Whiting (Chairman);
  • Richard Hillis (CEO);
  • Bruce Brook (Governance, Audit, Risk and Finance);
  • Mike Etheridge (Mining and Mining Exploration);
  • Tony Macpherson (Drilling);
  • Lindsay Gilligan (Government Agencies);
  • Phil Harman (Commercialisation); and
  • Ross Large (Research and Education).

“I led the industry team that developed the DET CRC proposal and took that proposal to the Australian Government.I have accepted the offer to Chair the Board of DET CRC because DET CRC is addressing the critical issues facing exploration over the coming decade and has the right structure and governance to solve those issues.” Tom Whiting, Chair of DET CRC Board of Directors