2016 Q2 Centric Report Summary

2016/784 SCIPUB Magnetotelluric inversion, carbonaceous Phyllites and Ore zone: Kevitsa Finland 2016 Cuong, Harris and Pethick 2.4
2016/808 SCIPUB Borehole Antenna 2016 Gill, Petersen and Dupuis 2.1
2016/809 OTHPUB DET CRC Technical Brief: Coiled Tubing (CT) Drill Rig for Mineral Exploration 2016 DET CRC 1.1
2016/810 OTHPUB DET CRC Technical Brief: Wireless Sub for Monitoring and Optimising Diamond Drilling 2016 DET CRC 1.2
2016/811 OTHPUB DET CRC Technical Brief: AutoSonde and AutoShuttle Sensors for Downhole Rock Properties 2016 DET CRC 2.2
2016/812 OTHPUB DET CRC Technical Brief: Lab-at-Rig® for Mineral Exploration 2016 DET CRC 3.2
2016/813 TECRPT Quantitative measures characterising the solid and fluid products and rock cutting conditions expected during CT-Drilling van der Hoek, Giles and Forbes 3.2
2016/814 SCIPUB Fuzzy Inference Systems for Automatic Classification of Iron Ore Lithologies 2016 Kitzig and Kepic 2.2
2016/815 TECRPT Particle size distribution, level of likely geochemical and mineralogical biasing for CT drilling, and top-of-the-hole sampling techniques 2016 van der Hoek, Fleurance, Giles and Forbes 3.2
2016/817 SCIPUB Gamma-ray spectra analysis for Lithology investigation 2016 Far, Kepic and Clarkson 2.2
2016/818 SCIPUB Comparative study of VSP and crosshole seismic reflection imaging 2016 Menu, Greenwood and Kepic 3.1
2016/819 SCIPUB Novel Scintillators For Logging While Drilling 2016 Carson and Kepic 2.2
2016/820 SCIPUB Unconstrained 2D and 3D magnetotelluric inversion: Detection of a Ni-Cu-PGE ore zone and carbonaceous phyllites, Kevitsa, Finland 2016 Le, Harris and Pethick 2.4
2016/821 SCIPUB Estimation of P-wave velocity from other borehole data 2016 Kieu, Kepic and Kitzig 2.4
2016/822 SCIPUB Fuzzy clustering constrained magnetelluric inversion: Case study over the Kevitsa ultramafic intusion, Northern Finland 2016 Kieu, Kepic and Le 2.4
2016/823  SCIPUB The capability to better direct boreholes towards their target using downhole magnetometry 2016 Foss  2.3
2016/824  SCIPUB Fatigue life analysis in steel coiled tubes using Weibull distribution statistical method 2016 Mishani, Legat, Evans and Mostofi  1.1
2016/825  SCIPUB Rock drilling performance evaluation by an energy dissipation based rock brittleness index 2016 Munoz, Taheri and Chanda  1.1
2016/826  TECRPT Comparison of LAR data vs. lab assays for selected intervals from MSDP01 and MSDP02 2016 Blaine, Hill and Uvarova  3.2
2016/827  OTHPUB  Diamond Drilling Optimisation 2016 Banks  1.2
2016/829  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Program 1 Update Soe Soe N/A
2016/830  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Cutting the rock – choice of downhole assembly for CT drilling Richard/Addinell Richard and Addinell  1.1
2016/831  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Drilling fluids, loss of circulation and cuttings return Mostofi/Fawell Mostofi/Fawell  1.1
2016/832  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Maximising the value of the Wireless Sub Banks Banks  1.2
2016/833  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Program 2 Update Harris Harris  N/A
2016/835  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Spectral gamma on the AutoShuttle platform Kepic/Carson Kepic/Carson  2.2
2016/836  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Joint inversion and volumetric rock attributes Harris/Pethick Harris and Pethick  2.4
2016/837  TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Program 3 Update Giles Giles N/A
2016/838 TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Seismic in the drilling workflow – lessons from the MSDP deployment Bona Bona 3.1
2016/839 TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: LIBS for Lab-at-Rig Uvarova Uvarova 3.2
2016/840 TECRPT 2016 Mid Year Webinars: Results from the MSDP.  Did it help us understand the mineral system? Fabris/ van der Wielen Fabris/ van der Wielen 3.4
2016/841 SCIPUB Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for routine analysis of geological materials 2016 leGras, Uvarova and Tassios 3.2
2016/842 SCIPUB Fatigue life analysis of composite coiled tubes with thermoplastic pressure barrier 2016 Mishani, Legat, Evans, Mostofi and Soe  1.1
2016/843 SCIPUB Analysis of gold in geological samples using acid digestion, solvent extraction and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy 2016 Tassios and Uvarova 3.2
2016/844 SCIPUB Rock cutting characteristics on soft-to-hard rocks under different cutter inclinations 2016 Munoz, Taheri and Chanda 1.1
2016/845 OTHPUB DET CRC Technical Brief: Minimising Lost Circulation in Coiled Tubing Drilling for Mineral Exploration 2016 DET CRC N/A
 2016/846  TECRPT  Using dynamic elastic moduli of a granular pack to get elastic moduli of the grain 2016 Ahmed and Lebedev  3.2
2016/847 SCIPUB Extended Walton model to find the elastic moduli of the individual grains in granular media from the ultrasonic measurement 2016 Ahmed, Lebedev and Madadi 3.2
2016/848 EXTPTN A New Paradigm in Drilling and Potential Applications to Seabed Drilling 2016 Mostofi, Lagat and Evans 1.1
2016/852 TECRPT Benchmark Trial 2016 Banks O1.2
2016/856 TECRPT Module 5B: LAR Fluids 2016 Zuber, Ebendorff-Heidepriem and van der Hoek O3.2 PRECON