2014 Q3 Centric Report Summary

2014/484 SCIPUB The wear mechanisms of impregnated diamond bits 2014 Mostofi and Franca 1.2
2014/517 EXTPTN Effect of embedded electric sensor on the structural strength of filament wound hybrid composite 2014 Ameri, Roufail, Rasouli, Evans and Stewart 2.2
2014/524 TECRPT Seismic exploration of nickel deposits 2014 Urosevic and DET CRC Project 3.1 Researchers 3.1
2014/525 SCIPUB El Niño–La Niña cycles and biogeochemical sampling: variability of element 1 concentrations within E. camaldulensis leaves in semi-arid Australia 2014 Mitchell, Hill, Giles and Hulme 3.3
2014/526 SCIPUB Pareto Efficient Multiobjective Joint Optimisation of Geophysical Data Sets 2014 Schnaidt and Heinson 2.4
2014/527 EXTPTN Dispersion of ore components in glacial cover; a potential vector to mineralisation 2014 Forbes, Giles, Freeman and Sawyer 3.2
2014/527 EXTPTN Dispersion of ore components in glacial cover; a potential vector to mineralisation 2014 Forbes, Giles, Freeman and Sawyer 3.3
2014/528 SCIPUB Pareto efficient multiohective joint optimisation of geophysical data sets (poster) 2014 Schnaidt and Heinson 2.4
2014/529 SCIPUB Cuttings Transportation in Coiled Tubing Drilling 2014 Kamyab 1.1
2014/530 EXTPTN  Mesozoic Carpentaria Basin: stratigraphic constraints, provenance signatures, and detrital zircon dating 2014 Fleurance 3.3
2014/531 SCIPUB Permian landscape evolution and climatic changes in the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: An example from the Agnew-Lawlers District 2014 Salama and Anand 3.3
2014/532 SCIPUB Optimum Composite Coiled Tube Design for Hard Rock Drilling 2014 Lagat, Roufai, Rasouli, Evans and Soe 1.1
2014/533 TECRPT O1.2 Final Project Report – Field Testing 2014 Soroush and Banks O1.2 Sub
2014/534 SCIPUB A comparison between Diamond-impregnated and Reverse Circulation drill-bit energy radiation during hard rock drilling 2014 Sun, Bona, Zhou and van de Werken 2.1
2014/535 SCIPUB Coherent interferometry migration for hard rock diamond drill-bit seismic 2014 Sun, Bona, Zhou and King 2.1
2014/536 SCIPUB Drill-rig noise suppression using the Karhunen-Loeve Transform for Seismic-While-Drilling Experiment at Brukunga, South Australia 2014 Sun, Bona, Zhou and King 2.1
2014/537 SCIPUB Near surface seismic investigation of the regolith in South Australia 2014 Tertyshnikov, Yavuz and Sun 3.1
2014/538 SCIPUB A Lab Study on Cuttings Velocity in Hard Rock Coiled Tubing Drilling 2014 Zhang, Rasouli, Mostofi and Soe 1.2
2014/539 SCIPUB Simulation of borehole instability due to erosion of unconsolidated formations in Coiled Tubing drilling 2014 Avijegon, Rasouli, Mostofi and Soe 1.1
2014/540 SCIPUB Coupled XRF and XRD analyses for efficient and rapid characterization of geological materials: Applications for the mineral exploration and mining industry 2014 Uvarova, Cleverley and Baensch O3.2 LAR
2014/541 SCIPUB Development of coiled tubing failure analysis for mineral drilling 2014 Mishani, Rasouli, Evans, Roufail, Soe and Jaensch 1.1
2014/542 SCIPUB Acoustic properties of rocks compacted from powders 2014  Bilenko, Uvarova and Lebedev 3.2
2014/543b SCIPUB Using monazite chemistry in exploration for iron oxide-copper-gold deposits 2014 Forbes, Giles, Freeman, Sawyer and Normington 3.2
2014/544 SCIPUB Interpretation of 3D high–resolution seismic data collected over an IOCG deposit in South Australia 2014 Hossain, Urosevic and Kepic 3.1
2014/545 SCIPUB Hydrophone design utilising Spectral-Shifts from Strain-Optic Interactions 2014 Bossilkov, Kepic and Podolska 2.2
2014/546 SCIPUB Application of seismic attributes for constraining Magnetotelluric Inversion 2014 Cuong, Harris, Takam and Pethick 2.4
2014/547 SCIPUB A workflow for cooperative inversion of seismic and magnetotelluric data 2014 Takam, Harris and Kepic 2.4
2014/548 SCIPUB  The influence of mineral contents of granitic rocks on the acoustic emission during single contact abrasivity test 2014 Perez and Karakus 1.2
2014/549 SCIPUB Coherence method comparison towards high resolution seismic signal analysis 2014 Sun, Bona, Zhou, King and Liu 2.1
2014/550 SCIPUB Localisation of passive seismic sources using the radius of the curvature of the emitted wave-front 2014 Khoshnavaz, Urosevic and Bona 3.1
2014/552 SCIPUB Seismic volumetric interpretation of a disseminated copper system in Kevitsa, northern Finland 2014 Hossain, Urosevic and Wijns 3.1
2014/555 SCIPUB  Logging during diamond drilling – Autonomous logging integrated into the Bottom Hole Assembly 2014 Greenwood, Podolska, Podolska, Dupuis and Stewart 2.2
2014/557 SCIPUB Classification of Geochemical and Petrophysical Data by Using Fuzzy Clustering 2014 Kieu, Kepic and Kitzig 2.4
2014/558 SCIPUB Seismic Impedance Inversion with Petrophysical Constraints via the Fuzzy Cluster Method 2014 Kieu and Kepic 2.4
2014/559 SCIPUB Pareto Efficient Multi-objective Joint Optimisation of EM Data 2014 Schnaidt and Heinson 2.4
2014/560 SCIPUB Cutting the line in wireline with an Autonomous Sonde 2014 Kepic, Podolska, Greenwood, Dupuis and Stewart 2.2
2014/561 SCIPUB A new approach provides opportunities for spectral gamma analysis in boreholes for mineral exploration 2014 Far, Kepic and Podolska 2.2
2014/562 SCIPUB Cross-hole reflection seismic to delineate a thin volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit in a shale hosted environment 2014 Menu, Greenwood and Kepic 3.1