Technologies to Improve Productivity and Deliver Data From Conventional Drilling

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

Spectral Gamma AutoShuttle deployment during Annual Conference.

Our first demonstrations during the Annual Conference were of technologies developed for conventional drilling.  With little time investment by the drilling crew, the 3m length of HQ drill core delivered during the demonstration was accompanied, by; (1) high resolution drilling data delivered in real-time by the Wireless Sub which could be used to increase ROP and reduce bit-wear leading to significant productivity gains; (2) spectral gamma data delivered by the AutoShuttle, which continuously logged the hole throughout the drilling demonstration; (3)  total count gamma, magnetic susceptibility and galvanic resistivity collected by the multisensor AutoSonde, which we deployed at the completion of drilling, logging while the drill string was extracted from the hole.  Data from the AutoSonde and AutoShuttle were downloaded and first pass processing, producing a depth log of petrophysical properties, was conducted on site.