Rock Quality Designation at Kevitsa

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

From Duy Thong Kieu and Anton Kepic, 2017: “Building 3D Model Of Rock Quality Designation Assisted By Co-Operative Inversion Of Seismic And Borehole Data”, a DET CRC report prepared as an Expanded Abstract for the AEGC 2018 conference in: Sydney, Australia

The Rock quality designation (RQD) index can be used to assess mechanical properties of the rock mass. It is a quotient related to the fraction of competent core greater than 10cm in length. It is an important parameter for understanding competency of the rock mass and can be related to frequency of cleats, fractures, or other weaknesses in the rock volume. DET CRC are developing methods to estimate an RQD index from seismic imaging and drill hole data with potential benefits for mining and drilling activities. Initial results have recovered an estimated RQD volume from seismic and drilling data at the Kevitsa mine in Finland. This work will be presented at AEGC 2018 in Sydney, Australia.