Multi-Sensor Sonde Data Comparison

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

Magnetic susceptibility and galvanic resistivity AutoSonde sensor performance compared to commercial wireline logs in Brukunga drill hole RD08.  

Our Multi-sensor Sonde has undergone a comparison with new a new (2017) set of commercial wireline logs in Brukunga drill hole D08.  The multi-sensor Sonde simultaneously measured Total Counts Gamma, Magnetic Susceptibility and Galvanic Resistivity.  The comparison shows that in many ways the Multi-Sensor Sonde can achieve higher resolution than the commercial tool.  One reason for this is that the Sonde sensor systems are purpose built to autonomously harvest data while diamond drilling and so can be designed to be exceedingly compact.  The picture below is a comparison of commercial and AutoSonde galvantic magnetic susceptibility and resistivity.