Heads Up For Fluid Monitoring System

Posted on November 18, 2016 by DET CRC

Version 2 Fluid Monitoring System (main picture) showing a screen shot from the heads up display.

Version 2 of our Fluid Monitoring System (FMS) is ready for final field trials.  V2 incorporates an improved design (which is more robust, less prone to fouling and easier to clean) and functionality (automated cleaning and calibration functions).  A number of key learnings from the deployment of Version 1 in the MSDP were incorporated in Version 2 which is now recognised as a drilling mud monitoring system, rather than a geological logging tool.  Tests at the Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility demonstrate that the FMS can be used to monitor the concentration (addition and degradation) of commonly used drilling additives over time.  Data from the FMS can now be accessed in real-time on a heads-up display providing the driller, mud doctor or geologist with real-time information on the condition of the drilling fluid.  Further, post-processing algorithms are now available for offsite interpretation of the fluid performance.  Version 2 FMS and associated software provide drillers with the opportunity to optimize drilling by directed (or automated) dosing of additives.