RoXplorer® CT Drilling System Offered for Commercialisation

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

Commercialisation Opportunity Workshop held 12 September 2017.

The RoXplorer® CT Drilling System was reviewed at a Commercialisation Opportunity Workshop on 12 September 2017.  Feedback from attendees was strongly in favour of proceeding to offering the technology for commercialisation, this view was shared by the Commercialisation Committee and so the official process of offering the technology for commercialisation commenced on 21 September 2017.  An Opportunity Assessment Report detailing the offering was prepared by the project team and provided to Imdex and Boart Longyear (Participant Suppliers with first right to submit a commercialisation proposal).  We expect to be able to provide an update on how this process is progressing with the next edition of EXPLORE.