MinEx CRC Bid

Posted on May 10, 2017 by DET CRC

MinEx CRC.

Work on the MinEx CRC bid has moved up a gear in the last couple of months and will need to move up another gear if we are to submit a Stage 1 bid in July.  In short, research project summaries are currently being worked up and the geological surveys and industry are being briefed in both public and one-on-one briefing sessions.  Crunch time for the bid is mid-May to mid-June.  This is when the surveys and industry will decide whether to come on board and if so which projects to sponsor.  It’s difficult for those developing projects to speak to every possible researcher and difficult for those developing the bid (me!) to speak to every survey and company.  If you’d like more information please just ask for it.  The strawman is an $80M cash bid:  $20M from the geological surveys for the National Drilling Initiative, $20M from industry for technology development and $40M from the CRC Programme.  Not a trivial raising.