Drilling Optimisation Software for Wireless Sub Licenced to Boart Longyear

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

Screenshot of the real-time module’s main window (intended for use by drillers).

The drilling optimisation software, comprising real-time and post-processing modules, was licenced to Boart Longyear in September 2017 and now forms part of the Wireless Sub hardware licence.  The software which uses data from the Wireless Sub and from other sensors on the rig provides a means to compare performance (e.g. between drillers), conduct diagnostics/forensics and devise drilling recommendations.  In controlled benchmark trials over 120 metres of drilling, an overall 11% increase in rate of penetration and 2.8 times increase in life of the drill bit was achieved when drilling parameters were optimised utilising data from the Wireless Sub. This translates to an overall improvement in productivity of ~10%.