Closure of the Brukunga Drilling Research and Training Facility (DRTF)

Posted on November 23, 2017 by DET CRC

Brukunga drill site September 2017 (left), and October 2017 (right).

The scheduled pack down and remediation of the Brukunga DRTF was completed around the end of October 2017.   This was also the final task of Project 1.4 led by Darren Caldwell (Boart Longyear).  We thank Darren and his team for a job very well done, a big effort when you consider that it was only middle of September when we performing live drilling demonstrations for ~130 people at our Annual Conference.  The Brukunga DRTF has been a critical part of our success providing researchers with the ability to freely test new technologies at a dedicated and well-resourced site.  The Brukunga DRTF has played a part in many of the technologies that have been developed by our researchers including the AutoSonde, AutoShuttle, Wireless Sub, Lab-at-Rig®and especially RoXplorer®. We wish to acknowledge and thank the South Australian Government who have provided us with the site access along with significant financial support to establish the facility.   The Brukunga DRTF operated for 7 years from October 2011 through October 2017.